The Horse's Hoof Magazine: Summer 2017, Issue 67

The Horse's Hoof Magazine Summer 2017-Issue 67
Released on July 1st, 2017 - 60 pages!

- The Great Barefootin’ Story Contest Winners!
- Grand Prize Winner: My Miracle Horse by Lorilee Lorenzo
- Grand Prize Winner: Barefoot Superstar, Moonshine Bandit by Maree Young
- Grand Prize Winner: Aging Like a Fine Wine… by Mattie Cowherd
- Grand Prize Winner: Dara, a Rescue Story by Sharlee Mayer
- When to try a Bitless Bridle by Cynthia Cooper
- Team Green - Barefoot & Blazing by Dan Lynch (Barefoot champion barrel racers hit the big time!)
- Festus, a Navicular Story by Tommy Papagna
- A Remarkable Standardbred “Pacer” by Danni Rodgers
- Smoke Turns 35 Years Old! by Jen McGeehan
- Flying High, Free and Barefoot! by Zoe Campbell (Australian Show Jumping and Eventing Champion proves that bare hooves really win!)
- My Japanese Barefoot Story by Mikiko Ishii, DVM
- Publication of Japanese Edition of “Metal in the Mouth”
- Good News in a Naughty World by Dr. Robert Cook
- From the Horse’s Mouth by Anna Twinney
- Conversations with the Wild Ones: A Day at the South Lakes Safari Zoo by Anna Twinney
- Barefoot Adventures by Greg Sokoloski
- Reprint articles by Greg Sokoloski: City of Houston Police Horses Go Barefoot, Parts 1 & 2
and The Power of a Barefoot Police Horse
- Nitrates in Hay Exposed: What You Need to Know by Monique Warren
- Hoof Mail by Susanella Noble: Chestnuts and Ergots
- Barefoot News: 2017 NO Laminitis! Conference, Diana F Wittkoph DVM Hoof Care Clinic, Advanced Class IAEP Florida

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