The Horse's Hoof Magazine: Summer 2018, Issue 71

The Horse's Hoof Magazine Summer 2018-Issue 71
Released on July 1st, 2018 - 58 pages!

- From the Editor: De-stress Your Horse’s Life
- Your Barefoot Horse Photo Contest Winners!
- Acupressure for Horse Emergencies by Casie Bazay
- And Then There Was Jack by Myra King (bitless riding)
- Better Bitless Control by Moving the Hind End by Cynthia Cooper
- Bitless Story Contest Announcement
- Equine Conspiracy Theory? What are they whispering? by Susanella Noble (more bitless!)
- Time for Trailer Service? by Risa Couch
- Seventy Reasons for Not Using a Bit by Dr. Robert Cook
- Feeding Miniature Horses & Donkeys: Why Slow Fed Forage is Best by Monique Warren
- Four Ways to Assist Your Horse Through Season Change by Carole Herder
- Hydration is More Than a Drop in the Bucket by Lisa Ross-Williams
- The Origin of Passion - Horse Whisperer Anna Twinney... by Vincent Mancarella
- Colleges Attacked Over Horse Welfare by Linda Chamberlain
- Can All Horses Go Barefoot? by Debs Crosoer
- A New Look at the Anatomy and Function of the Horse’s Foot by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD (Strasser explains why the deep flexor tendon does NOT cause rotation of coffin bone - featuring great dissection photos!)

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